Thursday, July 2, 2015

I just walked out of singing for all the new mission presidents, The Twelve, and the Prophet! Words cannot describe the feelings and the spirit that were there. It was so fun and it was an amazing experience. Yesterday when we were in one of the meeting rooms in 1M, David A. Bednar came in while we were practicing!!! He came in willy nilly and said, "Brother Egget, (who is the choir conductor) asked me to come sing and be in the choir with you all, but I have to conduct so count your blessings." HaHa :) He then told us how grateful he was for us singing and sharing our talents with all of them. He told us that he loves us and went back to conduct. It was so crazy how the room changed when he walked in. He is without a doubt a prophet of God.

My district and all the other missionaries going to Fukuoka, had to amazing opportunity to meet our new mission president! They are so amazing. I feel so blessed! They are so sweet and fun. My Mission President, Pres. Egan was an amusement park consultant before being called and he said that he loved his job because he got to help people learn to have fun and work hard. This is a big part of our mission vision. :) Our mission vision is:

1. Work Hard
2. Work Smart
3. Be Strictly Obedient
4. Have Fun
5. Come Home Tired

I love our vision and I will always do my best to live the mission vision. :) So when we were meeting the presidents, something amazing happened! Everyone was going around and telling things about themselves. Almost everyone was saying that they love the spirit that music brings and when it came to me I expressed how important music is to me and how I know that we can bring souls to the light with music. I also talked about Inspire and my experience from that and then Pres Egan said that he and his wife love music and that the spirit that it brings as well! He told us that his parents were in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and that his wife is a piano player!! When he said that, I felt so good because I was really worried that he wouldn't want music to be a major form of missionary work. But I can tell that he and his wife both have a strong testimony about the power of music. I felt like this is where I'm supposed to be, I mean, I knew it before, but I really knewat this meeting. I felt so much comfort. I feel that the Lord was looking out for me. :) and here's the best part; after the meeting get-to-know you session, he came up and hugged me, shook my hand and said, "We are going to use you!" I was so happy to hear that.


Elder Osborne

P.S. I got my new name tags for Japan! they are in katakana

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