Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hey Family and friends!! 

Wow! it has been one week! They have a saying here that the days are weeks and the weeks are days. Is so true because the days feel like they are never going to end :) but the weeks go by so fast. it's weird. The food ranges from really good to MacDonald's...I mean, that most of the food is tasty, but you feel so unhealthy after eating it. XD haha I had biscuits and gravy for breakfast yesterday so that was awesome! 
My first day was a little stressful just because it was all new, but now that I've got the hang of things, it;s really great! The learning is so fast paced here! We started learning Japanese right when I got here and the next day we taught our first investigator! haha Since then we've taught 4 lessons and he just said yes to baptism!!! I love teaching so much haha even when we're teaching in broken Japanese!  Even though we have only had Japanese for one week, our investigator could understand enough to know what we were saying! the gift of tongues is real!! 
My companion's name is Elder Hardy and he is so awesome! We are "on point" and we work really well together! Oh and he is 6'5" haha :P He and I got to pass the sacrament to our branch on Sunday and I got to sing  "I Need Thee Every Hour"  with my zone leader, Elder Hanagan! I loved singing so much! Speaking of singing, there is a new mission president's seminar next week and all the apostles and the prophet are going to be there to teach the new missions presidents! (my mission pres, included!!) so i was one of 36 chosen to sing in a special MTC choir for that event! I've been going to rehearsals every morning this week! I love it and i'm so excited and blessed for the opportunity! Thank you for all the support and prayers! I love you all!

-Elder Osborne

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